Club Captains

For 2019/20 season our Junior Section Club Captains are

Their role is to to act as ambassadors to the club, role models to our juniors and to help the coaches. We hope they will encourage members to take part in local races, club championships, but especially to help us field a larger squad at our Frostbite races and act as captains at these events.

Junior Section Introduction 

Are your children keen on running ?

Are you worried about them keeping fit ?

Werrington Joggers run a Junior Section for Boys and Girls aged between 9 - 16 years with an interest in running and athletics, to lay a foundation in running and athletics through events and games in a safe, fun, learning and friendly environment, thereby building the platform to specialise later.

We meet on Tuesday evenings between 6pm - 6.55pm at the Werrington Sports Centre.

Membership is £15 per annum (October - September), new members joining after 1st July renew in September the following year. The membership fee is refundable if after 2 weeks your child does not wish to continue.

Your children will receive instruction from qualified coaches, become part of a growing running community within Peterborough and have access to road, cross country and track events.

PLEASE NOTE There will be no Werrington juniors during August as this will be our summer break

Junior Induction Evenings

This is open to children aged 9 – 16 who wish to join the junior section of Werrington Joggers. Inductions will take place on:

All take place at Werrington Sports Centre from 6pm and will last around 45 minutes. During the induction we will cover a range of topics such as when to eat, injuries, clothing, competition and behaviour.

Members are required to adopt a code of conduct which is detailed on our Junior Members Code of Conduct page. We hope you will consider joining our friendly local club and we look forward to seeing you and your children at our next induction. For any further information prior to the next Induction evening please contact Tim Cook (01778 342913)

Club Nights

When we have the dark evenings please wear bright or reflective tops.

Would parents please help us make best use of the limited space in the hall by only coming into the room if there is a specific need to do so. Can we also please remind parents and carers to collect their children promptly by 7pm on Tuesdays. Coaches are reluctant to leave juniors in the foyer of the centre, but equally they have commitments with the seniors who meet and run after the junior session, Thank-you.

Junior Competitions

We hold an annual championsip league and information on this and the current standings can be found on the Junior Club Championship page. Points toward the championship are awarded based on relative finish positions at selected local race fixtures. A handicap series of races is run throughout the year on Tuesday evenings and information and current standings can be found on the Junior Handicap page. Points are awarded based on improvements in personal performance over a fixed distance. The Frostbite Friendly League is a club vs. club competition run through the winter on different types of surfaces around the Peterborough region; the calendar for these races can be found on the Frostbite Junior page.

3k and 5k Series
Over the summer there is a series of 5 races on Wednesday nights.